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dreamcities is a high quality virtual and cultural experience, which allows you to visit the most beautiful cities in the world, in a very immersive way. 

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Come and walk through the streets of New York, Paris, Shanghai or Seoul, moving among the most emblematic places and museums… And come share the life of the inhabitants, just like if you were there!

It’s an inclusive, humanistic and universal project that aims to spread the soul and the cultural assets of cities around the world, beyond distances and borders.


A city is a myriad of individual and collective initiatives linked by an invisible mesh that makes this cultural ensemble a unique experience.

Through virtual reality, you can feel the city and participate in its many cultural activities. You will be nourished by its multiple patrimonial and architectural richness, through playful, educational and interactive experiences.

We propose the most powerful and realistic immersive experience on the market !

Virtual reality
is the ideal tool to
to “live” a city,
without necessarily having the possibility
to go there.


Beyond their infrastructures, cities are cultural experiences of an incomparable richness.

We offer the possibility to a resident of Paris or Rio to share the experience of a resident of New York or Jakarta… and vice versa.

The project allows to “feel” these cities from the inside, by proposing to the spectators to go through the spaces which constitute it, in order to share in real time – in the most realistic way – the cultural activities of its inhabitants.

Since centuries, cities have been the cultural reflection of a country, its history, and its architectural evolution.



The future of tourism is linked to cities, and we believe that creation and innovation will play a fundamental role.

We believe in the creative and cultural potential of cities to improve their tourism offers. That’s why dreamcities is not only a virtual and cultural tourism project accessible to the largest number of people, but also a project that – through inclusive events and workshops – will contribute to strengthen the link between the city, its tourists and its inhabitants.

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With the ability of digital media to include local populations in their device – cities now have the opportunity to reconnect their communication with that of the citizens.

The dreamcities project does not only reproduce monuments, buildings or emblematic places. It proposes to cities dedicated workshops that will allow to involve the inhabitants in the whole creative process, inviting all types of profile to take part in the project.


Cities are the first touristic destinations
around the world.

The objective of dreamcities is to bring together in an immersive experience the most emblematic elements of a city, those that constitute its “soul”.


The work of the dreamcities team consists in highlighting the cultural assets of each city, looking at what is most precious about it,
its identity and what it inspires, shedding light on the most well-known aspects, as well as the lesser known.



The flexibility of our business model allows us to propose several formulas, without  sacrificing the quality of the virtual experience.


The program can be structured in several ways, from a simple partnership to a true “co-production.

Whatever the formula chosen, and whatever the budget, our teams work in close collaboration with cultural services to adapt the experience, without ever sacrificing the quality of the content and its international impact.

The project will give rise
to new types of partnerships, between public and private actors.


 > A series of events
   and workshops

> A co-production
    with each cities

> Access to the worldwide
   distribution platform

The philosophy of our workshops is simple :
adapt, innovate, and put the citizen back at the heart of the project.


Virtual reality has the advantage that it “fascinates”, and that it favors an invested participation of the populations, who can play an active role in the promotion of the places of life to which they are attached. 

Based on an inclusive and collaborative process, our workshops aim to foster an even greater awareness of “living together”, creating “communities of inhabitants” that will emerge from each neighborhood.


The distribution of these virtual cities and their cultural content will be ensured on a global scale – and in a totally dematerialized way – via the Internet and by opting for a distribution in “Cloud Content” mode.

This mode of distribution will avoid the cumbersome nature of downloading, offering a more fluid experience for visitors and making it accessible to a wide audience, even those with modest equipment.

It is implemented on the various CloudXR distribution channels, and in priority via those of our partners.

When a city joins the project, it becomes part of a ‘global’ dynamic that allows its local events to have an international impact.


The diffusion of these virtual experiences can also be physical during events and exhibitions, with a strong media coverage.

In addition to online dissemination – and in close collaboration with the city’s cultural services – the project will create synergies with festivals, art centers, and cultural events.

Heritage celebrations, or festivals dedicated to virtual reality, but also during events with global resonance like Olympic games.

The first XR travel agency

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Cities & virtual reality

Cities have rarely had the opportunity to freely expose their cultural assets to the world. Far from conventional communication projects, dreamcities is a global project, which involves the inhabitants and local partners in a process that is both innovative and collective.

As what cities should be, this project offers a unique opportunity to create a collective “virtual” work that leaves a real impact on people’s minds.

Just like our cathedrals of yesteryear, built several centuries ago and made to last, this project allows us to include our city in the digital heritage of humanity, while sincerely expressing the love we have for our city, with a modern tool.


We are a young start-up led by a motivated and dynamic team, whose expertise and profiles are as varied as complementary.

Coming mainly from the culture landscape, multimedia and entertainment sectors, we are driven by a common passion for virtual reality, which – we believe – is an opportunity to “live” the world differently.

Jérome DUVAL

CEO & founder



Bernard Mendiburu



Digital Strategist


Executive Producer


International developpement

Jean-jacques DAGO

3D artist CGI

Jano HA

Unity real time coder


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